How to part ?

 If you want to part in journey yoy must: 

v   Constitute a group from the choice of a hike,

v     Determine of dates of departure and arrival that depends, enter other, from Here length of the chosen hike,

v   Book your tickets. 

  The period of hike is spread of mid - October and mid - March, but the climatic conditions are very variable: even hot time in October, amplitudes of temperature strong in December, January February (expenses to see cold, very cold the short rain at night)­ possibility but nevertheless ( proximity of the Mediterranean), frequent sand winds in March, what doesn't mean that there are not the other months of it!!
Once your constituted group, your chosen hike, that you insured by Brahim that it's possible to welcome you, you can book your tickets of plane.

What to carry away?   


·  Bring a bag more than 10 kilograms that facilitates the loading on the dromedary; bag of sport or mountain.
· The sleeping bag must be foreseen until 0°/-5° for months of December, January and February. For the other months a middle sleeping bag
is sufficient, covers and carpets of soil are provided.
· The shoes, there are not any ideal shoes, considering conditions of march in a sand very end, or on an one stony in the
bowls (attention to thorns), we counsel you very well of the upward and light tennis shoes , which are easier  to remove in order to extract the sand, think about to bring a couple of sandals for journey. 

· Slim for the march under the sun (avoid the synthetic).
· Hot for the bivouac and the night (polar type).
· Rainless and breathing for strokes of wind and rain (and yes it is possible!!!)
·A head covers (a chèche is offered you your arrival). anti - bulbs Socks

 Small equipment, hygiene and medicine:
·A small bag to back for motorcycles of the day, a gourd, a knife, a frontal lamp.
Hygienic ·  Paper and lighter to burn it after use.
·  Lingettes (to burn after use), a kettledrum for the brief toilet (and then that little to serve to wash you buttocks that avoids the paper hygienic and the lighter).
· For the long hikes, at the time of stops to wells, it is possible to raise some clothes to foresee a bio laundry .
Solar-Cream, sunglasses ( the true) glasses of glacier, skiing mask to face a storm of sand serenely.
·  Medicaments: tricostéril, strip élastoplaste, aspirin or eféralgan, antidiurétique, disinfecting tablets for water .