description of journey

After the validation of booking to travel to the cur of desert and him arrived of tourist instead of departure , the Sahara guide assigns to inform his camelar to get ready for the journey, to verify the state of his tents, to buy the food ...
The journey to back of dromedaries will take 4 hours in the evening the morning and 2 hours.
The departure of journeys in the desert will be from Zaafranne
The morning, after the breakfast, when the trailer is ready, the departure toward the heart of the desert will take place. After 3 hours of march, with some pauses of 15 or 20 minutes to take photos, the trailer stops, cooks assign to prepare the lunch (couscous, soup of wheat,...). Toward 14 O'clock , the caravan continues its path through dunes until the sunset, everybody will participate, as in a family, to the preparation of tents, pickup of wood to prepare the meal, the green tea, as well as for the evening. After the dinner tourists and camelar assemble around fire, to sing and to dance.
In full desert and under a sky illuminated by the thousands of stars, on the thin sand of various colors (yellow, white). You will live the true life of Nomads, meals are prepared on the fire of branches, not of oven to gas or electric.